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April News Items from RSC

Linda Barnhart took on the role of RSC Secretary effective April 20, and can be reached at Email sent to her former Secretary-Elect address will be automatically forwarded.

Judy Kuhagen has taken on new responsibilities with the RDA Steering Committee also effective April 20, when she formally began her role as 3R Project Consultant. Judy's expert knowledge of RDA is a tremendous asset to the project, which will restructure RDA instructions using the IFLA Library Reference Model (LRM) as its foundation. Her tasks will include reviewing, updating, and preparing RDA content to bring it in line with LRM principles and structure, as well as advising the RSC on RDA structure, consistency, and maintenance. Judy will remain a key member of the core team, which has taken the lead in finding an efficient and effective working method for the restructure process. We are very grateful that Judy is willing to continue to work with the RSC after having served as Secretary since 2012.

Judy's new email address is

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The RDA FAQ page has been updated with new questions and answers.

The RSC Members page has also been brought up to date, and includes a link to a page listing RSC/JSC Members since 1974.

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Reminder: With the April 11, 2017 release of RDA Toolkit, English language content is now "frozen" until the April 2018 release of the restructured Toolkit. Translators will work through August 2017 to synchronize their texts with this release; the synchronized translations will be published in an August 2017 release. There will be no Toolkit releases in October 2017 or February 2018.

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RSC, NUKAT (the union catalogue of Polish academic and research libraries), the ISBD Review Group, and EURIG/RDA Europe region will co-host a workshop on the impact of the IFLA Library Reference Model (LRM). The workshop will take place Friday 25 August 2017 at Wrocław University Library, following IFLA's World Library and Information Congress.

Posted 24 April 2017