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Italian Translation and Other International Activities

The RSC welcomes the addition of the Italian translation of RDA to RDA Toolkit. The translation joins the English, Finnish, French, German, and Spanish versions of RDA already available. The new translation is accessible to all with a subscription to RDA Toolkit, and is complete through the April 2014 update to RDA.

The RSC Chair and members of the RDA Development Team will attend a number of RDA-related meetings in Europe, including RDA hackathons based on the successful Jane-athons held in the USA, New Zealand, and Scotland. These will take place in Spain (Madrid), France (Paris), Sweden (Stockholm), Latvia (Riga), and Italy (Florence) during April and May 2016.

Members of the RSC and the RDA Development Team will also participate in the "Lang-athon" prior to ALA Annual in Orlando, Florida, USA. This hackathon will focus on multilingual aspects of RDA and RDA data.

The Chair of the RDA Board and RSC Chair will attend the 2016 annual meeting of EURIG, the European RDA Interest Group.

The RDA Development Team is adding translations of RDA Reference to the RDA Registry as part of a beta-test of new Open Metadata Registry (OMR) facilities for data export and import. The process is ad hoc; progress can be monitored by checking the RDA vocabularies in the OMR. Languages listed but with no data are in preparation.

The charge for the RSC Translations Working Group is to “support and advise the RSC in the development of RDA for non-Anglophone communities.” The membership and tasks for 2016 have been posted on the RSC website.

Posted: 8 March 2016