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RDA Board Appointments

The RDA Board is pleased to announce the results of the recent appointments process which was undertaken at the end of 2016. This marks the formal adoption of the new governance structure by the Board and in particular a change from specific constituents being represented on Board to National Institution Representatives for each region.

The following representatives and institutions have been appointed to the RDA Board.

  • National Institution Representative: Europe (To serve 2017-2020): Ulrike Junger, Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, Germany
  • National Institution Representative: Latin America and the Caribbean (To serve 2017-2019): Angela Quiroz Ubierna, Library of National Congress of Chile, Chile
  • National Institution Representative: North America (To serve 2017-2019): Beacher Wiggins, Library of Congress, United States of America
  • National Institution Representative: Oceania (To serve 2017-2018): Amelia McKenzie, National Library of Australia, Australia

As previously agreed, to aid transition, Neil Wilson (British Library) and Diane Beattie (Library and Archives Canada) have also been co-opted to the RDA Board.

This process also marks the first time the RDA Board has had a representative from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Alfonso Pérez Guíñez, Director of the Library of the National Congress of Chile, said:

“For the Library of National Congress of Chile it's an honour to be part of RDA Board and being the National Institution Representative for Latin America and the Caribbean. It will be a difficult task but the staff of Library of the National Congress of Chile is well prepared for affording this challenge.

"The Library has been studying and working with the RDA since 2010, developing an internal working group and some projects related with this international standard. Also a delegation took part in the last IFLA World library and information Congress held in Columbus, Ohio, where a representative of the Library made a presentation on RDA implementation in Chile.

"For our institution it will be a pleasure to be part of the RDA Board and it expects to make important contributions to RDA standards.”

Simon Berney-Edwards, Chair of the RDA Board, said:

“I am very much looking forward to welcoming the Library of National Congress of Chile to the RDA Board. This is an important moment for the Board as we fulfil our commitment to the internationalisation of RDA. At the RDA satellite conference last year, it was clear that there is a lot of interest in the region and I am looking forward to working with our Board member in the region to help leverage current interest groups and networks which might be used as the basis of a network which can feed in to the development of RDA through the Steering Committee.” 

Any National Institutions that have implemented RDA in the African or Asian regions are strongly encouraged to consider applying when the next round opens.  Any organisation believing they meet the criteria should contact Simon Berney-Edwards for an informal discussion.

Date posted: 27 January 2017