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RSC Meeting in November 2016 – Observers Welcome

The RDA Steering Committee (RSC) will meet November 7-11, 2016, in Frankfurt, Germany at Deutsche Nationalbibliothek.

The committee will continue to discuss the transition to a new governance model that is part of the commitment to ongoing internationalisation of RDA and to collaboration with other cultural heritage description communities. Also on the agenda will be discussions about the impact of the FRBR-Library Reference Model on RDA and the restructuring of RDA Toolkit.

Proposals and discussion papers on specific topics, identified by prefix "RSC", are being posted on the RSC website. They are arranged by community or working group in the community proposals section. The documents for the November 2016 meeting are given at the beginning of the list of documents for each community or working group; some communities and working groups did not submit documents for this year's meeting. The deadline for proposals and discussion papers was in early August. The deadline for responses is October 4, 2016; the responses will be posted as they are received. Click on a specific proposal or discussion paper to see responses.

RSC hopes to welcome colleagues from the European RDA Interest Group (EURIG), the ISSN Network, and IFLA’s ISBD and FRBR review groups at some sessions of the RSC meeting.

Observers are welcome at open sessions and are encouraged to attend. The committee meets in closed executive sessions on Monday, Nov. 7, and at the end of Friday, Nov. 11. Please contact both the RSC Chair, Gordon Dunsire and the RSC Secretary, Judy Kuhagen, if you want to attend any of the open sessions.

The complete meeting agenda will be announced by mid-October after the review of responses to proposals and discussion papers.


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Date posted: 11 August 2016