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Photo of JSC April 2004

L-R: Matthew Beacom; Margaret Stewart; Barbara Tillett; Deirdre Kiorgaard; Hugh Taylor; Sally Strutt.

Outcomes of the Meeting of the Joint Steering Committee Held in Ottawa, Canada, 19-22 April 2004

This is a summary of the JSC meeting in Ottawa. A complete list of topics discussed is contained in the agenda. On the 21 April there was a joint meeting with the Committee of Principals; at this meeting the project plan and timeline for the new edition (AACR3) were discussed.

Reorganization of Part I of AACR

At the meeting, JSC discussed extensively the reorganisation of Part I of AACR. The discussions were assisted by the invited consultant, Tom Delsey. The following draft outline was determined at the meeting:

  • Introduction
  • General rules (By ISBD area with references forward to supplemental rules for specific content types)
  • Chapters for content (Only supplemental rules, no references back to General chapter)
  • Chapters for medium/technical description (Primarily ISBD area 5 with relevant physical description notes from ISBD area 7)
  • Chapter(s) on mode of issuance (Successively issued over time)

At the meeting, JSC also discussed the latest proposals on ISBD areas 2 (Edition), 3 (Material specific details), 4 (Publication, etc.) and 6 (Series) from the ALA Task Force on Consistency across Part I of AACR2. The ALA Task Force will prepare a proposal on area 5 (Physical description) for discussion prior to the October 2004 meeting.

JSC decided to discharge the Joint ALA/BL Task Force to Reconceptualize Chapter 9, as the proposed reorganisation of part I will make it possible for cataloguers to select rules which are relevant to describe all aspects of a resource (i.e. content, carrier, and issuance).

At the October 2004 meeting JSC will discuss the first draft of AACR3 Part I prepared by the Editor.

JSC Format Variation Working Group

JSC discussed the sixth interim report of the Format Variation Working Group, which contained the draft of new rules for chapter 25 (uniform titles). The draft rules allowed for the creation of identifiers for works and expressions. At the meeting the JSC decided that continuing work on chapter 25 would be folded into the work on authority control, under the direction of the Editor.

Incorporating FRBR Terminology in AACR

JSC discussed a proposal from LC on the incorporation of FRBR terminology in the Appendices and Glossary. JSC affirmed the general principle of using in AACR the most specific FRBR entity possible (i.e. “work,” “expression,” “manifestation,” or “item”). When this is not possible, the JSC provisionally decided to use “resource.” JSC charged the Editor of AACR3 with continuing the work to incorporate FRBR terminology and concepts.

Other Agenda Items

Among the other items discussed were:

  • A proposal from LC on the incorporation of authority control in AACR. JSC identified a number of issues to discuss further with the Editor of AACR3.
  • A joint paper from CILIP/BL on the seriality of multipart monographs. The paper helped the JSC to understand the different historical approaches to this issue in the United Kingdom and United States. JSC directed the Editor of AACR3 to resolve the issue.
  • A BL proposal to revise rules A.2A, A.4A, and A.30 to cover capitalisation of single letters used to represent words, and multiple-letter prefixes in compound terms, in headings for corporate bodies e.g.“eBay” and “netLibrary.” JSC plans to make a decision on these rules at the October 2004 meeting, for inclusion in the 2005 update.
  • A follow-up proposal from ALA on the definition for “coloured illustration” in the Glossary. JSC approved the proposal and the revised rules will be included in the 2005 update.
  • An ALA proposal to revise the capitalisation of German (rule A.40) in line with new rules for German orthography. JSC approved the proposal and the revised rule will be included in the 2005 update.
  • An ALA proposal to delete the Turkish word “bir” from Appendix E, Initial Articles. JSC approved the proposal and the revision will be included in the 2005 update.
  • A paper comparing the use of the terms “optional addition” and “optionally” in AACR. JSC decided on consistent usage for the next edition of AACR
  • An ALA proposal to extend and generalise optional rule 21.0D (Designations of function). JSC asked ALA to submit a revised proposal for consideration at the October 2004 meeting, and inclusion in the 2005 update.

JSC Certificates

At the meeting, JSC took the opportunity to present certificates of appreciation to the following:

  • John Attig for his design of the JSC Web site
  • Jennifer Bowen for her leadership of the Format Variation Working Group
  • Mary Disipio for her work on the JSC Web site
  • Denise Lim for her ongoing contribution to the revision of AACR
  • Pat Riva for her contribution to incorporating FRBR terminology in AACR

Photo of JSC Certificate recipients April 2004

L-R: Denise Lim; Jennifer Bowen; Pat Riva; John Attig.

JSC will be presenting other certificates in 2004.

Next Meeting

JSC will meet October 18-20, 2004, in Cambridge, England.

Nathalie Schulz
Secretary, JSC

22 June 2004
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