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List of Changes in Amendments 2002

The 2002 revision of the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, Second edition consists of the 1998 revision plus the 1999, 2001 and 2002 amendments approved by the JSC. The 1999 and 2001 amendments were made available as separate packages, but the 2002 amendments were not.

In response to a constituency request, the following list of rules changed in the 2002 amendments has been prepared. For a broad overview of the changes see the “Summary of Rule Revisions since AACR Second Edition 1998 Revision” on pp. xvii-xx of the 2002 revision. Both chapter 3 and chapter 12 were comprehensively revised in the 2002 amendments, and details of the rules changed are not included in this list.

Many rule changes in the list are minor, such as renumbering of rules following the deletion of a rule, or a typographical change due to proofreading. When the only change has been to a reference to another rule the term “(rule ref)” has been used.

Rule Action
0.3 changed (rule ref)
0.10 changed
0.13 (footnote) changed
0.25 changed
1.0C1 changed (rule ref)
1.0F1 changed
1.1B1 changed
1.1E4 changed
1.3A changed
1.4B1 changed (rule ref)
1.4C5 changed (rule ref)
1.4D4 deleted
1.4D5 renumbered to 1.4D4
1.4D6 renumbered to 1.4D5
1.4D7 renumbered to 1.4D6
1.4D8 renumbered to 1.4D7
1.4D9 renumbered to 1.4D8
1.4F8 changed
1.5B5 changed
1.6G1 changed
1.6F1 changed (rule ref)
1.7B4 changed
1.7B9 changed
1.7B19 changed
1.7B23 added
1.8C1 changed
1.11A changed
2.0A1 changed
2.4D1 changed
2.4G2 changed
2.5B1 changed (rule ref)
2.5B6 changed (rule ref)
2.5B9 deleted
2.5B10 renumbered to 2.5B9
2.5B11 renumbered to 2.5B10
2.5B12 renumbered to 2.5B11
2.5B13 renumbered to 2.5B12
2.5B14 renumbered to 2.5B13
2.5B15 renumbered to 2.5B14
2.5B16 renumbered to 2.5B15
2.5B17 renumbered to 2.5B16 (and table of contents for ch. 2 changed)
2.5B18 renumbered to 2.5B17
2.5B19 renumbered to 2.5B18
2.5B20 renumbered to 2.5B19
2.5B21 renumbered to 2.5B20
2.5B22 renumbered to 2.5B21
2.5B23 renumbered to 2.5B22 (and table of contents for ch. 2 changed)
2.5B24 renumbered to 2.5B23 (and table of contents for ch. 2 changed)
2.5C2 changed
2.7B19 changed
3 Chapter 3 was comprehensively revised
4.5B3 changed (rule ref)
5.1F2 changed
5.8C1 changed
6.8C1 changed
7.7B19 changed
7.8C1 changed
8.7B19 changed
8.8C1 changed
9.2B1 changed
9.2B8 deleted
9.7B4 changed
9.7B7 changed
9.7B19 changed
9.8C1 changed
10.7B19 changed
10.8C1 changed
11.3C1 changed
11.7B19 changed
11.8C1 changed
12 Chapter 12 was comprehensively revised (and table of contents for volume was changed)
13.5A changed
20.1 changed
21.2A1 changed (and table of contents for ch. 21 changed)
21.2A2 added (and table of contents for ch. 21 changed)
21.2C changed (and table of contents for ch. 21 changed)
21.2C1 changed
21.3B changed (and table of contents for ch. 21 changed)
21.3B1 changed
21.4B1 changed
21.29G changed (rule ref)
21.30D1 changed
21.30J1 changed
21.30J2 added
22.21A changed
22.21A (footnote) changed
25 (table of contents) changed at 25.13 and 25.20
A.2B1 changed (rule ref)
A.4C changed
A.4C1 changed
A.6A changed
A.7A1 changed
A.7B1 changed
A.18E1 changed
B.14A (Newfoundland) changed
D: Bibliographic resource added
D: Cartographic material changed
D: Chart (Cartography) (reference) changed to definition
D: Continuing resource added
D: File, Computer (reference)   deleted
D: Integrating resource added
D: Iteration added
D: Key-title changed
D: Loose-leaf publication (reference) added
D: Map changed
D: Monograph changed
D: Multipart item changed
D: Section (Serials) changed to Section
D: Serial changed
D: Subseries changed
D: Updating loose-leaf added
D: Work (Music) (reference) deleted
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