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List of Changes in Amendments 2003

This is a list of the rules changed in the 2003 amendments to the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, Second edition, 2002 revision.

The 2003 amendments were published in the 2003 update. See also: Amendments to AACR.

Rule Action
1.8E1 changed
1.10C2b changed
3.0A1 changed
3.3A3 changed
3.3B4 changed
12.7B18 changed
21.2A2i changed
21.30J1 changed
24.20C1 changed
24.20C2 changed
24.20C3 added
25.2E1 changed
26.4B1, footnote 2 changed
A.27A changed
B.14A changed
Glossary: Cartographic material changed
Glossary: Globe changed
Glossary: Map changed

Date posted: 13 October 2003
Last updated: 1 July 2009
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