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2012 RDA Proposals and Discussion Papers

Listed below are the RDA revision proposals and discussion papers from the JSC constituencies and others for the November 2012 JSC meeting.

The proposals and discussion papers are posted in the constituency proposals section of this web site. Links are included in the list below to the documents. JSC responses to the proposals and discussion papers will be posted by early October; to see those responses, click on the specific proposal or discussion paper in the constituency proposals section.

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RDA 1.6 (Changes Requiring a New Description) [ISSN; proposal on change of media type; proposal 6JSC/ISSN/1 submitted; discussion paper on mode of issuance 6JSC/ISSN/3 submitted]

RDA, (Resources Issued as a Single Unit; Resource Issued in More Than One Part) [ALA; proposal 6JSC/ALA/20 submitted]

RDA (Sources of information) [ALA; proposal 6JSC/ALA/21 submitted]

RDA 2.2.4 (Other Sources of Information) [BL; change to remove parallel title proper; proposal 6JSC/BL/9 submitted]

RDA (Exception for titles with acronyms/initialisms and full form) [LC; revise to give form not selected as variant title or as other title information (the basic instruction other than this exception); proposal 6JSC/LC/13 submitted]

RDA (Major and Minor Changes in the Title Proper of Serials: Major Changes) [ISSN; discussion paper about the "first five words" rule; discussion paper 6JSC/ISSN/2 submitted]

RDA (Recording Edition Statements) [ALA; proposal 6JSC/ALA/10 submitted]

RDA, etc. (Designation of Edition - Scope, etc.) [IAML; Revision of RDA, Designation of Edition, addition in Chapter 2 of a core element for Format of Notated Music Statement ; proposal 6JSC/IAML/1 submitted]

RDA (Recording Copyright Dates) [ALA; proposal 6JSC/ALA/11 submitted]

RDA 2.12.8 and 2.12.16 (ISSN of Series; ISSN of Subseries) [ALA: proposal 6JSC/ALA/7 submitted]

RDA 3.4 (Extent) and 3.5 (Dimensions) [ALA; discussion paper on a model for machine-actionable elements ; discussion paper 6JSC/ALA/17 submitted]

RDA (and (Recording Extent) [LC; reorganization of instructions to move alternative to use a term in common usage; proposal 6JSC/LC/17 submitted]

RDA, etc. (Single Volume with Unnumbered Pages, Leaves, or Columns) [LC; proposal 6JSC/LC/21 submitted]

RDA 3.11.4, 3.13 (Layout of Tactile Text, Font Size) [BL; proposal 6JSC/BL/2 submitted]

RDA 3.19.3, etc. (Encoding Format) [ALA; Revision of RDA 3.19.3 for video encoding formats and addition of a new element for optical disc characteristics; proposal 6JSC/ALA/16 submitted]

RDA, etc. (Recording Transmission Speed) [ACOC; proposal 6JSC/ACOC/6 submitted]

RDA ch. 6 (Compilations) [ACOC; discussion paper 6JSC/ACOC/5 submitted]

RDA (Works Created After 1500) [LC; revision to fill gap for choosing the preferred titles for language editions (original language not known), and a revision to for a similar gap in choosing the source of information for tete-beche and similar resources; proposal 6JSC/LC/19 submitted]

RDA (Works Created After 1500) [CCC; Instruction for choosing the preferred title for choreographic works; proposal 6JSC/CCC/6 submitted]

RDA,, Appendix I.2.1, and Glossary (Lyrics) [ALA; proposal 6JSC/ALA/13 submitted]

RDA, (Date of expression) [EURIG; clarifying scope; proposal 6JSC/EURIG/2 submitted]

RDA 6.11,,, 7.12, (Language of expression) [EURIG; changing core statement; proposal 6JSC/EURIG/3 submitted]

RDA, 6.27.3 (Recording Other Distinguishing Characteristics of the Expression) [EURIG; adding examples for performers; proposal 6JSC/EURIG/1 submitted]

RDA, etc. (Selected Parts or Excerpts) [LC; convert recommendations in 6JSC/LC rep/2 to proposals; proposal 6JSC/LC/20 submitted]

RDA,, (Two or More Parts of Musical Works, etc.) [CCC; proposal 6JSC/CCC/7 submitted]

RDA (Recording Medium of Performance) [ALA; proposal 6JSC/ALA/12 submitted]

RDA (Recording Numeric Designations of Musical Works) [CCC; proposal 6JSC/CCC/9 submitted]

RDA, (Arrangements, Transcriptions, etc.) [EURIG; revising instructions; proposal 6JSC/EURIG/4 submitted; also discussion paper 6JSC/EURIG/Discussion/1 submitted]

RDA 6.21; (Other Distinguishing Characteristic of a Legal Work; Additions to Access Points Representing Treaties, etc.) [ALA; proposal 6JSC/ALA/5 submitted]

RDA and (Arrangements and Adaptations of Musical Works) [ALA; proposal 6JSC/ALA/14 submitted]

RDA (Additions to access points representing musical works with titles that are not distinctive) [ALA; proposal 6JSC/ALA/8 submitted]

RDA (Additions to Access Points Representing Compilations of Musical Works) [CCC; proposal 6JSC/CCC/8 submitted]

RDA 9.0, 9.6.1, and 9.19.1 (Other Designation Associated with the Person) [BL; proposal 6JSC/BL/4 submitted]

RDA, (Saints) [LC; proposal 6JSC/LC/15 submitted]

RDA 9.3, etc. (Date Associated with the Person) [LC; clarify apparent differences in core assignment; this is a follow-up to corresponding revision to 0.6.4 in 2011.] [Proposal 6JSC/LC/9 submitted]

RDA 9.3, etc. (Date Associated with the Person) [LC; proposal 6JSC/LC/22 submitted]

RDA (Recording Dates Associated with Persons) [LC; proposal 6JSC/LC/14 submitted]

RDA 9.4.1, 9.19.1 (Basic Instructions on Recording Titles of Persons) [BL; proposal 6JSC/BL/3 submitted]

RDA 9.11 (Other place associated with the person) [BL; proposal 6JSC/BL/6 submitted]

RDA (Recording Affiliations) [ALA; proposal 6JSC/ALA/6 submitted]

RDA 9.16 (Profession or Occupation) [BL; proposal 6JSC/BL/7 submitted]

RDA (Access points for persons) [LC; remove priority order of additions after date of birth/death; proposal 6JSC/LC/12 submitted]

RDA (Title or Other Designation Associated with the Person) [LC; add to the exception for other persons of religious rank; proposal 6JSC/LC/16 submitted]

RDA (Fuller forms of name) [BL; proposal 6JSC/BL/5 submitted]

RDA (Subordinate and Related Bodies) [ALA; proposal 6JSC/ALA/18 and proposal 6JSC/ALA/18/Addendum submitted]

RDA (Change of Name of Jurisdiction or Locality) [LC; proposal 6JSC/LC/18 submitted]

RDA 11.4.3-11.4.4 (Date of Establishment; Date of Termination) [LC; revise core assignment; proposal 6JSC/LC/11 submitted]

RDA (Recording Associated Institutions) [ALA; proposal 6JSC/ALA/6 submitted]

RDA (Number/date/location of conference) [LC; revise wording about additions; proposal 6JSC/LC/10 submitted]

RDA 16.2.2 (Recording the Preferred Name for a Place) [ALA; general proposal for instructions on recording place names; proposal 6JSC/ALA/19 submitted]

RDA (Initial Articles in Place Names) [ALA; proposal 6JSC/ALA/9 submitted]

RDA (Hearings as Corporate Bodies Considered to be Creators) [ALA; proposal 6JSC/ALA/15 submitted]

RDA 19.3, Appendix I (Recording relationships to persons, families, and corporate bodies associated with works of unknown or uncertain origin) [BL; proposal 6JSC/BL/8 submitted]

RDA Appendix B.1 (General Guidelines) [CCC; explicitly include the usage of units of measure expressed as symbols; proposal 6JSC/CCC/10 submitted]

RDA Appendix D.1 [ISBD; Alignment of the ISBD element set with RDA element set RDA, Appendix D.1; discussion paper 6JSC/ISBD/Discussion/1 and alignment document 6JSC/ISBD/Discussion/1/Alignment submitted]

RDA/ONIX framework [ISBD; Mapping of ISBD Area 0 vocabularies to RDA/ONIX Framework vocabularies as part of the ISBD/RDA alignment; discussion paper 6JSC/ISBD/Discussion/2 and mapping document 6JSC/ISBD/Discussion/2/Mapping submitted]

Date posted: 10 August 2012
Last updated: 28 September 2012
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