Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA
Format Variation Working Group

Terms of Reference

20 October 2002

JSC decided at its September 2002 meeting that an additional term of reference would be referred to the Format Variation Working Group.

This term of reference follows.

JSC has been exploring the feasibility of “deconstructing” the GMD through the use of a term or device in the bibliographic record to represent the mode of expression, and moving terms representing physical format and form of carrier to area 5 or to notes. Existing terms could be relocated either to expression-level indicators or to description at the manifestation level. It has been suggested that the expression-level indicator could be an element in the expression-level citation that is being proposed by the Format Variation Working Group.

The Working Group is asked to develop these ideas and to make recommendations on how the mode of expression could be represented in the bibliographic record. The Group should not restrict its investigation to the use of an element in the expression-level citation; this is one idea and there may be better ways of achieving the objective.

Ann Huthwaite
Chair, JSC
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