Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA
International Conference on the Principles & Future Development of AACR

Action Items: Progress Report, July 2005

The following is a report on progress with the items for immediate action that were developed by JSC after the International Conference.

  • Action: Pursue the recommendation that a data modeling technique be used to provide a logical analysis of the principles and structures that underlie AACR.

    See The Logical Structure of the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules.

    The organization of part I is being considered as part of the next edition of AACR.

  • Action: Create a list of the principles of AACR2.

    As an initial response, JSC compiled a list of principles based on members’ submissions. Barbara Tillett continued this work, and tabled a discussion paper for consideration by JSC at its September 2000 meeting. When the statement of principles is finalised, it will form part of the revised General Introduction to AACR in the new edition.

  • Action: Formalize the recommendations on seriality endorsed during the Conference and introduce them into the rule revision process.

    See Revising AACR2 to Accommodate Seriality.

  • Action: Solicit a proposal to revise rule 0.24 to advance the discussion on the primacy of intellectual content over physical format.

    A revised rule 0.24 was included in the 2001 Ammendments to AACR. The format variation question was further considered by the Format Variation Working Group.

  • Action: Maintain an AACR Web site, and publicize and reaffirm, on the AACR Web site, JSC policies, procedures and activities as well as the current processes for submitting rule revision proposals emanating from within or outside AACR author countries.

    The JSC Web site has been hosted by Library and Archives Canada since 1999.

  • Action: Develop a mission statement for JSC.

    A mission statement was developed by the JSC.

  • Action: Determine if there are any existing surveys on the extent of use of AACR2 outside the Anglo-American community and if no such survey exists, conduct such a survey.

    JSC discovered that such a survey had been conducted in Italy in 1998. In his work La catalogazione dopo Parigi: attivitą normative e strumenti per il controllo bibliografico universale, 1961-1997, Pino Buizza has identified and listed those countries other than the “author” countries using AACR2.
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