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Outcomes of the Meeting of the RDA Committee of Principals, 24 August 2011


The RDA Committee of Principals met August 4-5, 2011, in Washington, DC.


(1) Copy Editor

  • Co-Publishers will create terms of reference for the copy editor, focusing on language clarification and simplification.
  • ALA Publishing, in consultation with Co-Publishers, to select and contract with a copy editor as soon as possible.
  • The Copy Editor will report to the Co-Publishers.
  • There will be ongoing communication between the Co-Publishers, the National Test Committee (NTC) and the Joint Steering Committee for the revision of RDA (JSC).
  • The JSC will review changes to ensure the continued adherence to RDA.
  • There will be coordination with groups currently translating RDA.
  • A minimum of five chapters will be completed and accepted no later than June 2012.
(2) JSC Composition and Update Process
  • COP has agreed on a framework within which new representatives may be invited to join JSC.
  • COP is prepared to invite 1-3 additional representatives within the next 2-3 years, based on that framework.
  • JSC will continue to work as it presently does with these new representatives, but will also explore new ways of working to enable further expansion in the future.
  • COP assumes that JSC will meet face-to-face once/year.
  • COP has asked the Co-Publishers to provide JSC with an online collaboration system/tool to facilitate their work.
  • COP anticipates that major updates to RDA will be made not more than twice/annually.
  • COP anticipates that minor updates to RDA will be made not more than monthly.
  • The Co-Publishers and JSC will work together to ensure that users have a single place to stay informed of RDA changes and product changes.
  • The RDA Toolkit itself will indicate (flag) new changes.
(3) JSC Program of Work
  • COP congratulates the JSC on completion of their last program of work.
  • COP requests that JSC share its program of work for the next 18 months with the Fund Trustees and the COP.
(4) Engagement
  • COP supports the plan by the Publisher to develop an RDA Toolkit user group, including a development blog, as means to enhance community engagement.
  • COP supports ongoing engagement with other open and linked data communities.
(5) Implementation

The British Library, Library and Archives Canada, the Library of Congress and the National Library of Australia confirmed their agreement (22 October 2007) to coordinate implementation of RDA, not sooner than early 2013.

Members of the RDA Committee of Principals:
Diane Beattie, Library and Archives Canada
Caroline Brazier, The British Library
Sue Brown, Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals
Pamela Gatenby, The National Library of Australia
Mary Ghikas, American Library Association
Kelly Moore, Canadian Library Association
Beacher Wiggins, The Library of Congress
Also participating:
Don Chatham, ALA, RDA Fund Trustee
Troy Linker, ALA Digital Publishing

Date posted: 2 September 2011
Last updated: 11 January 2012
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