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RDA Element Analysis Table, April 2012

The Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA (JSC) has made three changes in the RDA element analysis table: renamed the element "Note" to "Note on manifestation or item," added the new element "Note on expression," and included the element sub-type "Note on changes in content characteristics" for the new element.

The revised table has been posted separately as 6JSC/RDA/Element analysis table. The changes in this revision will appear in the April 2012 update of the RDA Toolkit; the new element and element sub-type are at instruction 7.29.

The JSC will be revising the notes accompanying the table published earlier as 5JSC/RDA/Element analysis/Rev/3 and will be reviewing the RDA element set and related documentation.

Date posted: 4 April 2012
Last updated: 4 April 2012
Webmaster: JSC Secretary