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Please note that these documents are being made available as a means of providing outreach to both library and non-library resource description communities and assisting the Joint Steering Committee in its work. Under no circumstances should the documents be copied or re-transmitted without prior consultation with the Chair of the Joint Steering Committee. Drafts and proposals are not an official part of RDA until they have received final approval from JSC and have been formally published.


This site contains working documents used by the JSC and constituencies in the preparation of RDA from 2005 onwards. JSC documents of an administrative or restricted nature are not included. When documents are regularly revised, only the latest version is made available. See also the Explanation of JSC document numbering.

Translations of RDA Supporting Documentation

JSC encourages the translation of RDA Supporting Documentation by national bibliographic agencies or other interested parties. RDA Supporting Documentation refers to documents produced by JSC to support the development and implementation of RDA. Examples of RDA Supporting Documentation include: 5JSC/Sec/6 [Deferred issues]; 5JSC/Sec/6 [AACR2 Changes]; 5JSC/RDA/Element Analysis.

JSC requests that interested parties notify the JSC Secretary before starting work. The secretary maintains a record of work in progress to avoid duplication of effort and to encourage collaboration between different national communities. On completion, translations should be sent to the JSC Secretary so that they can be posted on the JSC Website.

Translations of RDA Supporting Documentation are not formally evaluated by JSC. The latest English language version of the text should be regarded as authoritative.

Translations of RDA

RDA Supporting Documentation does not include the text of RDA. The RDA text is strictly the copyright of the American Library Association (ALA), the Canadian Library Association (CLA), and the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP). Translations must be licensed by the copyright holders. ALA handles translation licenses on behalf of the copyright holders, and any enquiries should be sent to Publisher, (James Hennelly).

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