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RDA Around the World

The latest issue of Cataloging & Classification Quarterly is a special issue titled "RDA around the world". The thirteen articles cover aspects of RDA implementation from initial consideration to full translation, with perspectives from Canada, China, German-speaking countries, Iran, Israel, Mexico, the Philippines, Singapore, Turkey, and French and Spanish translation activity. The Chair of the JSC is guest editor, and author of the introduction.

See Volume 52, Issue 6-7, 2014 for further details and availability.

The issue complements the special issue titled "RDA Testing: Lessons Learned and Challenges Revealed" which presented the views of libraries in the United States; see CCQ Volume 49, Issue 7-8, 2011.

For additional information about RDA in Europe, see the webpage for the 2014 annual meeting of the European RDA Interest Group (EURIG), which provides open access to presentations and members' responses to questions on RDA implementation issues.

Date posted: 24 September 2014