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RDA Elements Table and Registry Updated

The RDA element analysis table and the RDA Registry have been updated in line with the April 2015 release of RDA Toolkit.

The JSC has reviewed the RDA element analysis table and made several changes to its scope and layout. Information that is more appropriate in an Application Profile has been removed, along with place-holder entries that are no longer required.

The RDA Toolkit instruction number has been added, as well as the name of the aggregating element of a sub-element and the super element of an element sub-type. Elements are listed in order of instruction number, and then repeated in order of name. The table has been renamed as the RDA Elements table, but retains the JSC document number sequence. It is available at

The RDA Registry has a major update with the release of v2.2.0 and then v2.3.0 of the RDA Vocabularies. These releases update the element sets to be compatible with the current RDA Toolkit by adding 225 new properties, amending 217 properties, and deprecating 40 properties. A new element set for RDA meta-elements has been added, with four properties that are applicable to data in other elements.

French, German, and Spanish translations are now included in the RDA value vocabularies. Preferred and alternate labels in these languages are attached to the same URI as the English term, allowing RDA data to be used in multilingual linked data applications.

New RDA Registry value vocabularies have been published for:
• RDA Base Material
• RDA Colour Content
• RDA Recording Medium
• RDA Track Configuration
• RDA Type of Recording

The releases also fix errors and typos notified by the RDA Development Team and contributors to the RDA-Vocabularies project issues.