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RSC Papers

Occasionally the RDA Steering Committee publishes papers of wider interest to the cataloging community. They are collated here.

Distribution Date Document Date Document Number or Title Subject
28 November 2022 28 November 2022 RSC/Papers/2022/1 Report on Approaches to Teaching RDA in the LIS Classroom
28 October 2021 28 October 2021 RSC/Papers/2021/1 3R Project Final Report
24 November 2020 24 November 2020 RSC/Papers/2020/1/fr Changement dans les versions de RDA : la version bêta du Toolkit devient la version officielle de RDA
24 November 2020 24 November 2020 RSC/Papers/2020/1 RDA Toolkit Switchover: Beta Toolkit Becomes Official RDA
30 July 2018 30 July 2018 RSC/Papers/1 RDA Toolkit Instruction Identification

Updated 20 June 2023