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Thank you for your feedback

The RSC would like to thank the many people who responded about the RDA beta site through the feedback form and through other formal mechanisms such as regional representatives and task groups.

Around 400 submissions have been made to date through the feedback form alone, some comprising multiple points. In addition, the RSC received substantive feedback from several national libraries, national cataloguing committees, and task groups.

We note regular and occasional contributors commenting on a range of topics from simple fixes to high-level, conceptual topics. We are glad to know about (and to address) odd website behavior and improvements to Toolkit functionality, as well as suggestions for the RDA text. Your input has helped us identify areas where better explanations and more training are needed. Some fixes have already been rolled out in recent beta Toolkit releases, and more will continue to be implemented in future releases. Some people identified significant errors that somehow slipped by the RSC, and we are especially grateful to have these called to our attention to be fixed.

We appreciate very much the time and effort that went into sharing your feedback, and although we cannot acknowledge each individually, we wanted to convey that your feedback has been heard and considered. Please continue to use the feedback form as we continue to give it our attention.

Posted 16 October 2019