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Internationalization Principles

RDA Board: Commitment to RDA as a global standard

The RDA Board’s vision for RDA is a global standard enabling discovery of content.
Despite ongoing revisions to remove the Anglo-American focus present in the original RDA Toolkit, the Board acknowledges that this perspective remains in some elements and instructions. The Board is committed to improving the international focus of RDA and its work in this area is underpinned by the principles below.

Principle 1
The design and development of the standard should support international adoption.

Principle 2
Developing and maintaining the standard should provide opportunities to involve a wide range of individuals and communities.

Principle 3
The standard should recognise, respect and be informed by local knowledge, values and practices.

Principle 4
Including global perspectives in the standard should benefit all parties involved.

Principle 5
The practice of integrating global viewpoints into the standards should be sustainable.