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RSC Secretary-Elect appointed

The RSC is delighted to announce that Anne Welsh has been appointed to the position of RSC Secretary-Elect.

Based in the United Kingdom, Anne runs a consultancy business under the brand Beginning Cataloguing, where her work is split into three areas of activity: writing, consultancy and training. She wrote the core textbook used to teach cataloguing in the Anglophone cataloguing community, Practical Cataloguing (London: Facet; Chicago: Neal-Schuman, 2012) and is completing its follow-up, Practical Cataloguing in the Hybrid Environment (London: Facet; Chicago: Neal-Schuman, 2022).

Her consultancy operates with libraries, commercial organizations and with individuals who need to sort out their books and papers for sale, donation or to get their estate in order. She provides training in cataloguing and metadata for a range of organizations, including bespoke training for law firms and general training for professional associations.

Her career in information sciences has included roles as a cataloguer, taxonomy designer, editor, writer, and university lecturer, and she has worked with medical, legal and rare materials. She has been offering education and training in RDA since 2011, including recent training events and consulting focused on post-3R RDA.

Her appointment as Secretary-Elect began on 20 June and is effective through 31 December 2022, overlapping with Secretary Linda Barnhart. She will then begin a three-year term as Secretary, from January 2023 through December 2025.

Anne may be reached through the email address Please include her on all correspondence with the current Secretary ( for official RSC business.

Posted on 27 June 2022