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Proposal available for community review, and more

A new proposal has been posted on the RSC website for community review.

This proposal -- RSC/RSCSecretary/2022/4 - Proposal to amend and clarify instructions in Manifestation “place of” elements -- will be discussed at the October 2022 RSC meeting.

Comments from community members are welcome and should be directed to the RDA regional organizations (EURIG, NARDAC, or ORDAC), to the RSC regional representatives, or to the Wider Community Engagement Officer if there is no representative for your region.

For those who might be interested in the public discussion of this proposal, the RSC has scheduled a Zoom call as part of the group's October meeting. The call will be held on Thursday 20 October at 2000 UTC/GMT (4:00 pm EDT). The agenda for that call will also include two previously-posted proposals. To register to attend this call, please contact the RSC Secretary-Elect, Anne Welsh.

Public minutes for the April 2022 RSC meeting have been posted on this website. The RSC agreed that the Secretary should prepare a public document after each RSC meeting to provide information and transparency about RSC activities and decisions. Executive session topics will have high-level summaries.