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Translations Team Liaison Officer-Elect appointed

The RDA Steering Committee (RSC) is pleased to announce that Szabolcs Dancs will succeed Daniel Paradis as the Translations Team Liaison Officer and chair of the RSC's Translations Working Group.

Szabolcs’s appointment in the -Elect role began in mid-October and is effective through 31 December 2022. He will then begin a two-year term as the Liaison Officer, from January 2023 through December 2024.

Szabolcs kindly provided the following information:

I graduated in general linguistics, library and information science, and Polish studies. I have seven years of cataloguing experience.

I held several positions in the National Széchényi Library of Hungary. As the director of Collection Development, I already had an impact on the national cataloguing policy when I initiated and announced the transition to MARC 21 (from the Hungarian MARC version: HUNMARC). The announcement, which was issued ten years ago, already mentioned the importance of RDA. At my suggestion, the Office for Library Standards was established by the director-general who entrusted me with the management of the new department.

Beyond my native language, I speak English, French, Polish and Slovak, and I understand several other languages. I have been a member of EURIG for six years.

I have been publishing studies in library journals for twenty years. I am a member of three editorial boards, an IFLA working group, and I am the president of the national committee of library standardization, and a working committee of the Hungarian Standards Institute. I teach copyright and IFLA LRM for librarians. My greatest success is my 17-year-old son who is blessed with the voice of Elvis Presley.