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NARDAC Spring Forum 2023

Two members of the RSC were invited to speak at the NARDAC Spring Forum on 3 April.

RDA Examples Editor Honor Moody gave an overview of the process for adding new examples to the RDA Toolkit, and put out an early call for people interested in applying to be the next Examples Editor to contact her for an informal chat. Honor's term comes to an end in December, and a formal call for expressions of interest will be issued in due course.

The RSC's Europe Regional Representative, Dr Ahava Cohen, gave a presentation entitled 'Hey, you! Cataloging and grammatical gender' which highlighted challenges for those working in languages in which gender does not solely pertain to human gender identity. She also shared ways in which transcription from non-Roman script can cause different challenges for cataloguers.

You can watch both presentations on the RDA Toolkit YouTube channel .