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May 2023 Meetings of the RDA Board and the RDA Steering Committee

The RDA Board and the RDA Steering Committee met for the first time in person since 2019. Their meetings took place between 15-19 May at ALA Headquarters, Chicago.

Minutes are available for the first ever Joint Meeting of the RDA Board and the RSC, 16-17 May (RSC-RDABoard/Minutes/000-009) and for the RSC Meeting, 17-19 May (RSC/Minutes/373-392).

Key discussions included: Item 380, the first proposal from the Places Working Group (RSC/PlacesWG/2023/1 - Jurisdictions, Governments, and Courts in RDA); Item 381, the upcoming constituency survey of soft-deprecated elements; and Item 382, the latest developments in the RDA Toolkit's Community Resources.

Pictured: the RDA Board and RDA Steering Committee at ALA Headquarters on 16 May.
Front row (kneeling), left to right: Julia Hicks, Christian Aliverti, Judith Cannan, Colleen Barbus (ALA (RDA copyright holder))
Back row (standing), left to right: Renate Behrens (RSC Chair), holding laptop with Catalina Zavala in Peru, Elisa Sze, Charlene Chou, Anne Welsh, Rania Osman, Ahava Cohen, John Trevor-Allen (RDA Board Chair and CILIP (RDA copyright holder)), Damian Iseminger, Robert Maxwell, Honor Moody, Kathy Glennan, Szabolcs Dancs, Charlotte Christensen, James Hennelly (Director of ALA Digital Reference), Christine Oliver (CFLA (RDA copyright holder)), Haliza Jailani.
Photo by Jen Gongorek.