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Dual-language naming of Corporate Body and Place

The RSC would like to thank the Oceania RDA Committee (ORDAC) for its proposal on dual-naming of corporate body and place. RSC/ORDAC/2024/1 has been published today on the RSC website and archived (with stable URI) to ALAIR.

ORDAC presents this paper to resolve an issue of where a string for a name contains words from two or more languages but is not intended to be interpreted as parallel language values. The recommendations proposed make no changes to existing options for parallel language values, but simply add an additional option to two element pages allowing descriptive communities to select the whole string as a single value where it is appropriate to their context.

RSC Chair Renate Behrens thanks ORDAC for bringing this issue to the RSC's attention and for the hours of work and consultation that has been carried out across the Region.

The proposal will be discussed in the Public Session of the RSC's April Meeting, on 16 April, 9-11pm CEST*. RSC Regional Representatives Ahava Cohen and Robert Maxwell will be actively consulting the RDA cataloguing communities in Europe and North America. RSC Wider Community Engagement Officer Charlene Chou will be happy to hear the views of any RDA cataloguers outside these regions. Contact details are available on the RSC members page.

*The RSC Secretary will be sending out a call for observers closer to the time. If you would like to be added to her mailing list before then, please email