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Amendments 2005

The 2005 amendments were published in the 2005 update to the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, Second edition, 2002 revision. See also: Amendments to AACR.

For information on purchasing the 2005 update, see the AACR2 Web site.

Summary of Major Changes in Amendments 2005

  • Rules A.2A, A.4A, and A.30 have been revised to cover capitalization of single letters used to represent words, and multiple-letter prefixes in compound terms, in headings for corporate bodies and in titles, e.g. “eBay” and “, Inc.”
  • Rule A.40 on German capitalization has been revised in line with changes to German orthography.
  • The definition of “coloured illustration” in the Glossary has been revised.
  • The Turkish word “bir” has been removed from Appendix E, Initial Articles.
  • Minor changes arising from the preparation of the new edition of Cartographic Materials : A Manual of Interpretation for AACR2 have been made.

Detailed List of Changes in Amendments 2005

Rule Action
1.1C1, footnote 2 Updated
2.5C3 Updated
3.0D Updated
3.3B7 Updated
App. A: contents at A.30 Updated
A.2A1 Updated
A.4A1 Updated
A.30A Updated
A.40 Updated
App. D: Coloured illustration Updated
E.1A: "bir Turkish" Deleted

Date posted: 23 June 2005
Last updated: 1 July 2009
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