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RSC meeting in 2018: Looking for a host institution

The RDA Steering Committee (RSC) welcomes invitations from institutions that may be interested in hosting its next in-person meeting. The RSC proposes to meet for 3-4 days during the period of October 15-November 2, 2018. The RSC comprises 13 people, but part of the RSC meeting will likely be open to observers; this provides interested parties the opportunity to see how RDA is built and how international consensus is reached. One of the days could be an outreach or training event for the local or regional community.

There are some basic requirements for hosting an RSC meeting which are described in RSC/Policy/2.

The decision on the location and dates will be made through negotiation as well as consultation with the co-publishers and the RDA Board, and will be based on a number of factors, including region and cost.

If you are interested in hosting, or have questions, please contact Gordon Dunsire, RSC Chair, at by Friday, February 23, 2018.

Posted 23 January 2018