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News and Announcements

How to Propose a Change to RDA 28 March 2023

On 27 February, RSC Past Chair Kathy Glennan gave a webinar on How to Propose a Change to RDA, which highlighted the feedback facility on the RDA Toolkit and the other opportunities open to any RDA user to suggest a change. If you were unable to attend live, you can access now it on the RDA Toolkit YouTube channel.

March 2023 RDA Toolkit Release 28 March 2023

A new release of RDA Toolkit was ready on March 24, 2023, but due to some technical issues, its posting was delayed until March 27th. The release was a small one compared to past releases. Minor changes to English language RDA were made for the purpose of clarity and consistency. Revisions to the Guidance: Data Elements provide more explanation about the relationship and application of element supertypes and subtypes.

Teaching RDA in the LIS Classroom 7 March 2023

On 24 February, RSC Education and Orientation Officer Elisa Sze gave a webinar on Teaching RDA in the LIS Classroom, which talked through her recent report and solicited further feedback from those engaged in teaching RDA in Information Studies programs.

Now Available: RSC/Minutes/362-372: Minutes of January 2023 Meeting 20 February 2023

RSC/Minutes/362-372: Minutes of January 2023 Meeting are now publicly available.

Of particular note, the RSC has agreed its meeting dates for 2023 as follows:

16-17 May 2023 - Joint meeting with the RDA Board, ALA Headquarters, Chicago
17-19 May 2023 - ALA Headquarters, Chicago

10-13 July 2023 - Asynchronous

16-19 October 2023 - Location TBC

Instructions for observers will be issued closer to the time of each meeting.

RSC Action Plan 2023-2025 17 February 2023

The RSC updates its Action Plan annually, providing an overview for the next three years, with the immediate year's plan being more detailed than the later two years as specific tasks are planned and set in motion.

We have today published our February 2023 update, RSC/Chair/2023/1 RSC Action Plan 2023-2025.

Translations Team Liaison Officer-Elect appointed 4 November 2022

The RDA Steering Committee (RSC) is pleased to announce that Szabolcs Dancs will succeed Daniel Paradis as the Translations Team Liaison Officer and chair of the RSC's Translations Working Group.

Szabolcs’s appointment in the -Elect role began in mid-October and is effective through 31 December 2022. He will then begin a two-year term as the Liaison Officer, from January 2023 through December 2024.

Szabolcs kindly provided the following information:

RDA in Europe 2022 27 October 2022

EURIG has announced the programme for this year's RDA in Europe event.

November 17th, 10:00-17:00 CET (online)

Attending the event is free but registration is required at the following link:

Programme and further details are available here.

Community Resources Plan 26 October 2022

After discussions with the RSC regarding the Community Resources (CR) area of RDA Toolkit, a plan has been established to address CR structure and services.

You can read it in the pdf here. It is also available on the RDA Toolkit News & Information page.

Agenda for October 2022 RSC Meeting Available 26 September 2022

The public agenda for the October 2022 asynchronous meeting of the RDA Steering Committee (RSC) meeting is now available.

Because three proposals will be discussed, a Zoom call open to observers has been scheduled for Thursday 20 October (Friday in Oceania) at 1900 UTC/GMT. It will be a two hour call. The RSC offers apologies to those for whom this is an inconvenient time; as an international body, the group rotates calls throughout time zones to share the burden of middle-of-the-night calls.

Proposal available for community review, and more 11 August 2022

A new proposal has been posted on the RSC website for community review.

This proposal -- RSC/RSCSecretary/2022/4 - Proposal to amend and clarify instructions in Manifestation “place of” elements -- will be discussed at the October 2022 RSC meeting.